#7 Dr. Joeri Rogelj: IPCC Lead Author, climate advisor of the UN Secretary General and one of the leading climate scientists in the world


11 September 2020

49 mins 31 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

Dr. Joeri Rogelj is a lecturer at the Imperial College London, currently IPCC Lead Author and an expert regarding the concept of ‘carbon budgets’ — a straightforward concept to make the complexity of climate change easily understandable for everybody. In this interview, you will learn about the latest news in climate science, effects of the Corona pandemic, reasons for grave concerns as well as for hope, and you will gain valuable insights into the necessary steps to solve the climate crisis. In the end, Joeri shares an inspirational sentence and the ‘single most effective thing everybody could do to combat climate change’. Hence, it will be worth listening through...

Thematic sections of the interview:
4:30 — Joeri’s different jobs and activities as a climate scientist
6:38 — The beginning of Joeri’s profession: experiencing climate change during a hiking trip in Africa
9:05 — His main motivation for working in climate science
10:30 — Biggest misconceptions and obstacles in understanding climate change
12:20 — Lecturing about climate change, how to explain the facts
15:20 — News in climate science since the 2013 IPCC report AR5
19:17 — Effects of the Corona pandemic
25:00 — Our chances in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement
30:11 — Moments of despair, people feel ‘Eco-Anxiety’
33:00 — The concept of ‘carbon budgets’, explained by the global expert
35:25 — The risk of abrupt tipping points in the climate system
38:56 — Likelihood of cascading tipping points and ‘run-away climate change’
42:30 — Our current carbon budget: How much time is left to act?
44:16 — Joeri’s solution to the climate crisis
45:51 — His single most effective advice to combat climate change
46:40 — A final note from Joeri for humankind

Further information about Dr. Joeri Rogelj:

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